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The Skeptic’s Guide to Believing

Things are busy here at S & D Snowblowing as we prepare for the oncoming winter months.  There is much preparation needed to equipment, staff, and clients to make sure that we can offer our service with as few glitches as possible.  We just took delivery of our second tractor and our new blowers arrive either Friday or Monday.  We are currently out hanging door hangers and engaging with our target neighborhoods to educate our clientele about our one-of-a-kind residential snow removal services that is contract based with no hidden fees.  During our discussions we have encountered a few skeptics—let’s look at our case studies below.

1.)    I own a snowblower and I am capable of doing my driveway myself:  I would like to first ask you what your time is worth—if you own an average driveway you are looking at a commitment of about one hour per storm for clearing.  This doesn’t include the time required to clean up the banks that the city plow leaves across the driveway on the clean-up pass.  On average we receive 17 to 20 snow events over 2” which adds up to a time commitment of at least 15 hours.  If you earn $25 per hour this represents a lost opportunity cost of $375 not to mention the lost family time or the hassle of getting up early to get things cleared before work and school.  Don’t over value a snowblower asset and undervalue your far more valuable time.

2.)   I’m skeptical of the seasonal contract:  The seasonal contract can be a bit of a scary concept as it is money up front—where does it go?  We have invested in ag tractors, inverted snowblowers, which while they can do an impressive amount of work also command a fairly aggressive price tag.  We also pay our operators a salary whether it snows or doesn’t so that we can keep them off of unemployment and create a company that provides sustainable jobs.  In essence we have discovered a technology that can reduce the time to clear your drive to a window so small we can offer a ridiculously low price.  In an average snowfall season our fee averages out to about $5 to $7 every time we clear the drive.  To get it this low we ask you to share some of the risk up front.  In return we give you prompt, predictable, and affordable service.

3.)   I don’t currently pay for a service:  We believe that our service is priced in such a way that it is affordable for almost all homeowners and as illustrated above the time saved not having to clear the driveway can provide opportunity to more than cover the cost of the service.  The benefits compared to a plowing service are astounding (no sight blocking piles, no lawn and landscape damage)  This is a tried and true service in Canada, and several cities across the US.  We are excited to be the first to bring it to Vermont and offer it to homeowners.  If you don’t currently use a snow removal service I would ask you to consider the value of your time and the cost benefit we can offer for this often tedious task.

S & D Snowblowing is Essex, Vermont’s premier residential driveway snow removal solution.

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Welcome to S&D Snowblowing

Although it seems simple enough, there has been tremendous innovation in the snowblowing snow removal method and this state-of-the-art innovation is now offered by S&D to select neighborhoods in Essex and Essex Junction, Vermont.

Shoveling or snowblowing snow is a tedious, time consuming, and unpredictable task.  A big snowstorm can hit on the morning you have a big presentation to give at work—instead of last minute preparations and an early departure to deal with snowy road quality you are out sweating in the drive to clear a path to your street.  You rush back inside to shower and collect your things and return to your car only to see the city plow “bank in” the bottom of your driveway.  Leave the task to the professionals at S&D Snowblowing.

We use large 4 x 4 agricultural tractors with inverted PTO snowblowers to ensure rapid, thorough clearing of any amount of snow.  Each snowblower is outfitted with a Teflon like cutting edge and will not damage even the most sensitive paved surfaces—pavers and concrete.  We do not at this time provide services to those with gravel driveways.  We back in towards the garage and pull the snow away and blow the snow off into the lawn and landscape.  We do not leave piles that block sight-lines like a plow, and we have no need to go on the grass which can cause significant lawn damage.

Our program relies on a fixed priced contract for the snow season running from November 15th to April 15th with monies due before services will commence.  This allows you to accurately budget your snow removal expenses from season to season—with no surprises.

We offer unlimited clearing over our 2” trigger and we have a 5 hour route time so in the case of a continuous snow fall your driveway would be cleared twice in a ten-hour period—getting you out to work and back in at the end of the day.  We also return after 10 AM the day after the snow (you will need to have all cars removed) and we perform a final clearing—we truly do define unlimited snow removal.

From an environmental standpoint blowing snow onto the pervious landscape is much better for storm water remediation than leaving piles to melt and run-off in the street.  Because we clear to a thin film (as close to the pavement as possible) there may only be minimal to no need for ice melting products.  We can sell to you an icemelter called CMA that is pavement and landscape friendly.

Our neighborhoods of service for 2013-2014 snow season are:

  • Logwood Circle, Greenfield Drive, Alderbrook Road, Greenbriar Drive, Hillside Circle
  • Pinewood Manor
  • Woodlands and Woodlands Glen at Lang Farm
  • Fairview Farm
  • Countryside

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us or email—We look forward to taking the hassle out of your snow removal this winter.

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