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Frequently Asked Questions

We begin our route at 2″ of snow, and we shoot for a 5 hour complete cycle time. This means that during the day your driveway will be cleared every 5 hours or after 2″ of snow accumulation. We will work with the storm to make sure your driveway is clear when you need it most. After every storm we will reverse the route so that the “last will come first.” There is no favoritism in our routing simple geography is the deciding factor in how we service your driveways. Increasing the number of driveways in your neighborhood is the best way to insure the fastest service.

The program anticipates multiple visits by the city plows—it’s all included! When the tractors come to your house they will service as much of the driveway as they can safely access. When the route is complete we revisit to make sure we get everything left by the city plows. The day after the snow stops we run through the route again starting at 9 AM—we will post announcements on facebook, twitter, and this website. You must remove all cars and keep them moved until we complete this clearing operation—we clean up where all cars were parked and any remaining city plowing “debris.” If the cars remain unmoved we will skip your driveway or clear all remaining accessible snow. Should you require additional service when you move the car and you call us, we will charge a $25.00 fee to make this service call and we will perform this work on our schedule.

If the snow has stopped falling by 2 AM the driveways will be clear by 7 AM (at least a first pass clear). The town of Essex and Village of Essex Junction begin the plowing routes around 3 AM and shoot to have things cleaned up for the buses. We will follow the plows as best as we can and will have the driveways clear so you can get to work. As soon as we complete the route we will head back through again and clear out any plow furrows that got shoved back in after our first pass. In the case of a continuous snow we would pass back through the entire route insuring easy passage back into your drive after work. The snow doesn’t always fit the complete by 2 AM schedule—if it stops snowing at 6 AM we won’t have the driveways cleared by 7AM—neither will the town have cleared all the neighborhood streets.

We will clear drifting snow at no additional cost—we will group all drifting calls into one run for a tractor and take care of them all at once. We will inform you via email or twitter for scheduling.

Under limited circumstances—shoveling services are billed per event, please contact us for details

Yes, we use a de-icer called Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA)—we need to know if you are interested in this service when you sign up for the base snowblowing. This is also billed per application.

We will discount your seasonal services if you can join up seven or more adjacent neighbors as a group. Contact us for details.

We are covered with general liability, workman’s compensation, and automobile coverage (tractors are treated as vehicles). This is to make sure that you the client are protected.

Our snowblowers are equipped with a Teflon cutting edge that is safe for these surfaces.

By check for now. You will be able to pay online soon!

We use tractor mounted snowblowers to quickly and thoroughly clear the snow from your driveway. We don’t need to push piles back onto your lawn (risking unsightly turf damage) and we will leave no piles at the end of your driveway that block your view of traffic (making backing out of the driveway perilous). The snowblowers also have the distinct advantage of handling all amounts of snow from 2”-12” at about the same pace—meaning we our rate of service remains mostly unchanged with the severity of the snowstorm. The priority at which we can service your driveway takes all the tedium and worry out of the task for you as a homeowner. No more wondering where the plow guy is during those multi-day Nor’easters

The central idea of this snow business is to establish a “fixed” price service to a residential clientele. This allows you to keep your household budget/expenditures level from year to year. In order to provide this fixed price we need to fix our costs. We do that by investing in technology (tractors and snowblowers used exclusively for this service) and paying our tractor drivers a salary. Snow or no snow our costs fluctuate by only a few percent. If we were to offer per visit billing in no snow winters we could not afford our equipment or our crew, and in high snow winters our clients could not afford the rates we would have to charge to cover our equipment expenses incurred in the light snow season. By owning technology that can handle snow in almost any quantity with very little variance in the time it takes to complete the task and paying our operators a salary we can provide your budget stability in seasons from zero snow to snowmageddon—Remember 2010-2011?