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Tractor Snowblowing for Driveways in a Nutshell

Our tractor snowblowers are not like traditional plows.  S&D Snowblowing leaves your property perfectly clean, leaves no piles of snow to block your vision, and your driveway and lawn won’t need repair in the spring.  No matter how bad the winter is, for one low payment your driveway will be cleared on time, the first time. We come back throughout the storm to make sure that for you it’s like the storm never happened.  This Vermont snowblowing service is equal to none other!

While using tractors with blowers for residential snow removal isn’t a new idea, it is a new idea to our market. In our search for a better tool, we turned to our friends in Canada and studied how they handle the mass amounts of snow they receive each year. That’s where S&D Snowblowing found the tractor/blower combination, and saw its potential in our market.

A 100hp tractor can service approximately four times more customers per hour than a pickup truck with a front plow. Yes, one tractor/blower can do the work of four trucks. So not only is S&D Snowblowing able to provide a better service by blowing instead of plowing, we are also eliminating wasted fuel from multiple trucks, which not only saves expense, but also saves the environment. Because of the saved expenses, S&D Snowblowing is able to both lower the price of our service, AND increase value by blowing instead of plowing.

Tractor snowblowing has three distinct advantages over traditional snowplowing service:

  1. It’s efficient.  The snowblowers have the distinct advantage of handling snow from 2”-12” at the same pace—meaning our rate of service remains mostly unchanged with the severity of the snowstorm.
  2. It’s clean. Tractor-driven snowblowing leaves behind no snow piles or lawn damage and leaves your property intact while clearing your driveway better than a plow ever could.
  3. It’s budget friendly.  You don’t have to worry about incurring bills when that Nor’easter hits; one reasonable price keeps your driveway clean through the entire winter!

 What does the service include?

We begin our route at 2” of snow, and we shoot for a five hour complete cycle time.  When the tractors come to your house, they will service as much of the driveway as they can safely access.  When the route is complete we revisit to make sure we get everything left by the city plows. The day after the snow stops we run through the route again starting at 9 AM and insure snow is clear from where cars may have been parked during the storm.

How much does it cost?

Residential driveways are billed a fixed price ranging from $300 to $450 for the season. This allows you to keep your household budget/expenditures level from year to year, and it helps us fix our costs by investing in technology used exclusively for this service and paying our tractor drivers a salary. Our pricing will not suddenly change; if it snows everyday until Spring, our one low rate locks you in and digs you out!

If you are interested in a quote, or would like more information about our service, please contact us or see us in action.

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